Won't apologise for sharing Mamata's photo: BJP leader

Won't apologise for sharing Mamata's photo: BJP leader

Hours after releasing from jail BJP youth wing worker Priyanka Sharma who was arrested for posting a meme of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Facebook said on Wednesday that she will not tender any apology for the post. Sharma was released from Kolkata’s Alipore jail at 9.40 am.

“Just because I posted a normal meme of the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee I was kept in custody for five nights. What kind of propriety is this? I will not apologise and continue to fight the case. I have not done anything for which I have to apologise,” said Sharma. She was speaking to journalists at the state BJP headquarters in Kolkata.

Sharma further alleged that she was tortured inside the jail was forced to sign an apology letter by jail authorities.

“My bail was granted yesterday even then I was kept in jail. Even today when they (jail authorities) released me I repeatedly told them that I want to meet my advocate and family members but they did not pay heed. They forced me to sign on the apology letter.. I was tortured inside jail,” said Sharma.

She also said that not only were jail officials rude to her but the condition inside the jail premise was also very bad.

“The jailor pushed me yesterday (Tuesday). I protested and said that I am not a criminal and they can not push me like that,” said Sharma.

Priyanka’s brother Rajiv Sharma, accused the jail, authorities of violating the Supreme Court’s order by not releasing her on Tuesday.

“When I went to the jail on Tuesday the authorities said that they can not release Priyanka until they get a hard copy of the Supreme Court order. Since I am was in Delhi it took some time to get hard copy of the order which caused the delay. The jail authorities violated the apex court’s order by not releasing her immediately,” said Rajiv.

The BJP youth wing worker was arrested for sharing a meme in which Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s face was morphed onto a picture of actor Priyanka Chopra at the Met Gala event in New York.