A childhood dream come true

A childhood dream come true

By the time I was seven-years-old, I knew that I wanted a life with dogs. Of course, at that time, everyone just smiled at me and gave me a fond pat on the head. After all, how can a seven-year-old know what her adult life would be like?

Let’s just say that now, for the last 15 years, I have spent working with dogs.

Just like anyone else, my doggie dream got sidetracked. One day, when I was working in the media company, I walked around the silent office waiting for the madness to start. At that time, I couldn’t fathom at what I was doing there. This was not the life I had dreamed off.

Half an hour later, I handed my resignation letter and went on to live the life my seven-year-old self dreamed off. Almost 15 years, two kids and many dogs later, I don’t regret a moment.

It’s been a journey — one of learning, exploration and constantly reinventing self.

We are currently a family of 16 – my husband, Raj, two daughters, Tapasya and Arya, 12 fur babies – Red, Crimson, Penny, Winston, Mischief, Leelu, Chotu, Frankie, Nila, Oreo, Mary, Garlic the cat and me!

Sally was the first one who started me on my path, 15 years ago. She was a wedding present from a friend.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve bred wire haired dachshunds, run a boarding facility, and learnt about doggie training and behaviour. I also worked as a veterinary nurse at Cessna Lifeline in Domlur for the last seven years. I now have a startup called ‘Happy Tailz’ where my friend, Freya, and I make wooden puzzles for dogs.

Everyone at home has their favourite person, of course! For Raj, it’s Penny; for Tapasya, it’s Oreo; for Arya, it’s Red and Nila; and for me, it’s Mischief. But we make sure to spread the love around.

Of course, it hasn’t always been such a blast. The real tragedy of having dogs in your life is knowing that you will always outlive them. From the day they come into your life with their happy faces and wagging tails, you know that there will come a day when you will cry your heart out.