Cricket fever rages on...

Cricket fever rages on...

Dr Shoaib

Medical practitioner

I think it’s the whole hype and publicity generated by Vijay Mallya that have made these matches so popular. It is an amazing experience and watching it live is indeed a thrilling affair.

Pooja S,

I think Bangalore has always managed to draw a good response when it comes to cricket.
People here love the sport and wouldn’t mind spending money to be there and there’s nothing better than being able to watch the match live.  

Pooja Jain,
Student Jain College

There’s no better way of enjoying a match than watching it live. The fun and energy in the air are palpable and infectious. The cheerleaders add so much life to the matches.

Navya Nagaraj
Student Mount Carmel College

Apart from being a sport, cricket is an entertainment today.
With other attractions, such as the cheerleaders, there is so much more life that has been added to the game.   

Anuj Saxena
Software professional

I think players like Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid, who have their roots in the City, have contributed a great deal to the popularity of the matches in the City. They add a local flavour to it. Even at the KPL, one saw a good turnout despite the poor

Mohit Bedi

The cheerleaders are the best part of such matches. Watching them live is a different experience altogether. I must say they are good crowd pullers as well. The whole concept of cheerleaders is a new phenomenon in our country and it is sure to arouse one’s curiosity. 

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