Legal studies dropout now a criminal fiction author

Vish Dhamija

Vish Dhamija , British-Indian crime fiction author, is back with ‘The Mogul’. An author of six bestselling crime novels. He talks about his journey from being a law dropout to a writer.

How has the journey been?

After discontinuing my law education, I did an MBA in marketing. Though MBA helped me earn my bread, I was never satisfied with my work. Also, writing is an easy job. The only thing required is discipline and patience. Also, I was not sure if Indian crowd would welcome this kind of writing. So, ‘the journey’ has been neither easy nor difficult.

What do you respond to being dubbed ‘India’s John Grisham’?

I honestly don’t propagate this. I mean, why should there be a comparison? Books come first.

What inspired you to write legal thrillers?

I love legal sellers. I always wanted to be a lawyer. I love anything to do with law. Also, crime fiction was the only genre I read back in college days, apart from biographies. I was lucky to understand the legalities involved. Legal thrillers entertain people because of their last minute twists and turns, and the mysteries and loopholes lawyers interpret and misinterpret to their advantage.

What is ‘The Mogul’ about?

It is a howdunnit that lays bare the judicial system where if one is not guilty, one is not innocent either. The plot revolves around Prem Bedi, 53 and hailing from a royal family, who finds himself under the spotlight for a sinister reason.

What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Read , read and read. Read the genre you want to write in. The cycle goes: Read, write, edit and rewrite. Initially, finding a publisher can be difficult. About 90,000 words make a 400-page book. All these words must come from within. Also, get someone to proofread and be ready to take criticism. If you are passionate enough, you’re good to go.

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Legal studies dropout now a criminal fiction author


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