Many colours of Harshika in 'Chitte'

Many colours of Harshika in 'Chitte'

Harshika in this week’s release ‘Chitte’.

Actor Harshika Poonacha has come a long way from when she started her career a decade ago. Her latest release, ‘Chitte’ has been attracting a lot of attention from the beginning and for the right reasons.

If the title raised a lot of curiosity, the first set of pictures showing Harshika with a butterfly tattooed on her shoulder went viral. If this wasn’t enough, the makers of ‘Chitte’ released yet another still where the actor had a butterfly painted on more than half a back. “I got so many compliments after the picture of a butterfly painted on my back was released. My costume designer is also a painter and she would take almost five hours to complete that painting,” Harshika told Metrolife. “She would paint from 4 am to 9 am before the shoot. I couldn’t lean against anything, sit or stand for the time that I had to shoot with the painting on my back. It was tough, but the result is worth the trouble,” she adds.

The actor says she has two shades in ‘Chitte’. She goes by the character names of Sona and Chitte. “Sona is a normal girl, it is when she transforms into Chitte that she begins to scare people. There’s no horror element attached to it, but I am sure the portions where Chitte appears will surely frighten people,” says Harshika. The actor is paired opposite Yashas Surya. “Our pairing looks good on screen and it makes a difference when the lead pair looks good. People would certainly want to watch them on screen,” she adds.

The actor is overwhelmed by the fan response. “This is the first time that I travelled on a bus, went on the Metro and also visited malls. I got mobbed and I still have nail scratch marks on my hand but all that doesn’t’ worry me because my fans inspire me,” she says.

Her character has many shades and colours and hence the film was called Chitte (butterfly).

She watched the first day, first show with her fans. “I am moved by the appreciation that is coming my way. People seemed to have loved the character and the contrast,” Harshika signs off.