Prince, ruler of their hearts

Prince, ruler of their hearts


I clearly remember when our little Prince, fondly known as Jiju, came into our lives — election day in May 2008. He was brought in a small basket and was just one month old.

The author with husband Sridhar and son Tejas.

Initially, I was reluctant about getting a pet. It was my husband Sridhar and son Tejas who convinced me in allowing a pet in our house. As a child, I was always scared of dogs and shied away from them. My perception completely changed once Prince came home. He won me over with his innocent and lovable ways. My husband Sridhar was his favourite, followed by me and my son. 

Though he was an adorable kid around us, he was a real terror when it came to strangers. When an unknown person would visit us, Prince’s bark would reverberate around the house. 

 Over the years, Prince became an integral part of our family. We spent an amazing 10 years with our darling kid. However during the last two years, he started having health issues like arthritis and was soon diagnosed with cancer. Though he bravely fought for his life for almost 15 days, we soon had to bid a tearful farewell to our adorable son.

I feel I’ve lost a part of my life; I am still not able to bear his loss. I realise how traumatic and difficult it is to move on with life when our closest ones leave us. The loss of a beloved pet is as painful as that of a human.

We still feel our beloved Prince is living with us. I keep his bowl filled with water and wish him goodnight daily before going to bed.

I am grateful to my little one for having given us the best years of his life. It was such a wonderful experience and consider myself lucky to have Prince in my life – like they say ‘some angels choose fur instead of wings’.

Thank you my Jiju, we love and miss you so much...

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