Zumba is an addiction, says instructor Namrata Sinha

Zumba is an addiction, says instructor Namrata Sinha

Zumba instructor Namrata Sinha, a graduate from NIFT, says she discovered her love for the fitness form after she had her first child. “I was quite young and put on a lot of weight after the delivery. I started going for aerobic and other fitness classes. It was sometime then that I got introduced to Zumba,” she says. 

Soon enough, she was addicted to the regime. “No other form of workout would get me as pumped up.” Namrata, who was living abroad, returned to India in 2013 and was happy to see that Zumba was as popular here as it was there. However, she found that she was much ahead of the rest of the class. “Sometimes I would only take class when the instructor was unavailable. Over time, I realised that I could be an instructor too,” she says. 

It has been ten years since she tried her hand at Zumba and she is happy that even with the variety of workout regimes, it continues to be one of the most sought-after forms. “It is very easy to fall in love with it. Firstly, it is a group workout. Secondly, it is fun. You just feel like you are dancing and you feel motivated to keep going,” she says. 

Namrata points out that there are many non-certified trainers so people need to be aware while choosing one. “All the certified instructors are listed on the official Zumba website. If you search your pincode, you will find the ones in your area. Or just search the name of the instructor; if you can’t find the name, then they are not licensed,” she explains.

“Zumba Livestream classes is an option for those who wish to workout at home,” she says. Many corporate companies have booked virtual classes for their employees working from home as part of their effort to keep morale high. “The idea is to keep moving,” Namrata says.