'Katheyondu...’ big on on-spot sound

'Katheyondu...’ big on on-spot sound

Diganth and Pooja in ‘Katheyondu Shuruvagide’

Director Senna Hegde’s ‘Katheyondu Shuruvagide’ has been stirring conversations. Be it for its dual camera technique or the places the film has showcased, movie buffs can look forward to a lot from the film. 

Exploring conversations and human relationships was what Senna wanted to do. “I like the idea that at one point relationships can be so simple and on the other so complex. The film explores different stages of life through three pairs -- one in their 20s, one in their 30s and the last in their 60s,” he details. 

Senna adds, “For me, the 20s is all about youth and optimism and is an age where nothing can go wrong. In ones 60s, many do not plan for the future but often reflect on the past, thinking back and reliving the past. In the mid-30s, is the most crucial period of life. It is the most insecure and uncertain time of one’s life, where big decisions are made.” 

Senna says that everyone will be able to connect to the film easily. “There is a lot in the film which has been borrowed from real life.” 

Different techniques have been used to make the film an attractive project. “I used two cameras to shoot the entire scenes at one go, which helps each scene to capture emotions and conversations in the right flow. I also used sync sound in the film. Only 10 per cent of the film was dubbed later,” he says. 

Initially, Senna wanted to explore a story about a boy who meets a girl, both are lost souls who have a striking past and talk to each other which develops into a meaningful relationship. “Later I felt that I wanted to add some characters and that’s how ‘Katheyondu Shuruvagide’ happened,” he says.

Diganth as Tarun

“My character runs a resort which is not doing well and I don’t have a life partner. Tarun is going through a mid-life crisis and there is nothing great about the past either. He gets to interact with one of his customers and the story moves from there. The story of the film is based on just four days.” 

How do four days change a 34-year old Tarun’s life

“The trailer by itself explains that. Time is not always one’s side and things just happen. It has happened to all of us, you think you have found someone like-minded but things don’t just move ahead.” 

Have you gone through something similar?

“Yes! I used to go to badminton tournaments earlier where I would meet girls who seemed the right match. I would start to like them yet once the tournament was over, the connection was also over. This has happened to many people. You just never know when you have met the right one.”  

Laughter bytes from the sets

“Pooja is from Chennai and she couldn’t speak Kannada fluently. There were words like ‘hellu’ which she would pronounce as ‘helu’ and Senna and I would run off the sets and come back after a hearty laugh.”

 Ashwin Rao Pallaki as Pedro 

“I play the role of a driver and I am also the caretaker of the resort. I am in love with Swarna and I try to hit on her and ask suggestions from Kutty, the cook to convince her. I am very excited about the role as I got equal screentime.”

What made the role different: “I am not just doing comedy or romance here, there is an emotional side of me too. This is the first time I cried onscreen.”

Moments you won’t forget: “Senna used to stand beside me during emotional scenes to check if I was actually crying and if tears appeared. It was quite funny. When I had to deliver lengthy lines at one go which I am not used to, it was challenging.”

Funny points: “Shreya Anchan is a makeup freak and takes almost two and half hours to get ready. At one particular scene, she scratched her face coincidently and went for a retouch again!”

Shreya Anchan as Swarna

“I play an ambitious and hardworking young receptionist, who is focused on work. She would love to find a well-settled partner and move abroad but does not while away time in romance.”    

Overall experience

“I was waiting for the right role. After working in Ondu Motteya Kathe, I wanted to do something which was worth the wait. Swarna is a sweet character and shooting for the film in a packed schedule was quite a challenging and learning experience.” 

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