Luv Sinha happy about comeback

Luv Sinha happy about comeback

He will be playing the role of Attar Singh, an Army man, in his upcoming film ‘Paltan’.

He’s not a debutant but it sure feels like it, thanks to the long gap since his first film. Son of actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha, Luv Sinha is back to show the world what he’s got with his upcoming film ‘Paltan’.

He talks to Anila Kurian about why it took him so long to get back to acting and what we can expect from the movie. 

You took a long break before Paltan. How does it feel?

It’s definitely a fresh start. Every actor wants to be part of a film that will give them a chance to perform well.

This was packaged well in terms of content and promotion. I’m glad that I was given a chance to work with JP Dutta which many don’t get. I know that this is a well-made product.

What did you do during your break? Did it prepare you for the role?

I don’t think any actor deliberately wants to take a break. In my case, the circumstances were not in my favour. There were certain films that I was supposed to be a part of but it didn’t work out due to various reasons. I think this can happen to anyone.

So what made you finally choose this script?

JP sir, of course. Every director has his skill set and a particular genre. He relates to the Armed Forces, thanks to his family background. I was thrilled to be a part of the project because of that. I believe that it was more of him choosing me than the other way around. I don’t think anybody will want to turn it down.

Was there something you never expected to learn from him?

Well, I spent quite some time with him before we started shooting. JP sir is someone who knows exactly what he wants. He will tell you if he likes something or doesn’t.

This helped me understand his thought process. Not just that, he is a great person to be around.

He is a learned man and his knowledge about various things will be beneficial to any actor.

Have you started working on other projects?

To be honest, given my track record, I think I will wait for the makers to do the announcement. It’s too soon for me to comment on anything now.

Did you ever feel discouraged when you weren’t working — that this might not be the right career choice for you?

I understand why are you asking that but I would never think that because I was given an opportunity but didn’t get a platform to prove myself.

Does being a star kid help at all though?

(Laughs) Do you feel that, considering the gap? My father is a self-made man I am just like him. I don’t ask him for any favours and wouldn’t expect any from him either.

What about your sister, Sonakshi? She’s been in the industry for a while. What’s something she has taught you?

She knows that I am always there for her, even if I don’t express it too often. As a family, we are all very united and supportive of each other. We believe that, even as an actor, we should maintain a certain level of self-respect.

Beyond that, you have to surrender yourself to the director’s vision.

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