'My grandmother’s music is a way of life'

'My grandmother’s music is a way of life'

Musician-singer-songwriter Chin2 Bhosle says it is important to keep learning, composing, and performing

Chin2 Bhosle with Asha Bhosle

Musician-singer-songwriter, Chin2 Bhosle, Asha Bhosle’s grandson and a music educator at the Furtados School of Music thinks Indie musicians are set to be game changers. Independent music apart from Bollywood music, is most popular, according to him. Deeply influenced by his grandmother’s rich musical legacy, Chin2 Bhosle, talks to Metrolife about why it is important to keep learning, composing, and performing.

How did the Band of Boys come about? 

There was a non-televised audition held across the country some years ago to select five talented singers and dancers. My friend compelled me to go for the audition, but I already had a rock music band and didn’t want to be associated with a ‘marketing tool’. A family member convinced me to go for this audition which was judged by Hariharan, Leslie Lewis, and other band members. Despite being selected, I was embarrassed to be a part of this band initially. But gradually, with some training, song rehearsals, recordings, and shows, I started enjoying my music. Our band has performed in many memorable concerts so far.

How was it to represent India at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) held in California?  

NAMM is a prestigious global cultural event. This year, a live relay digital concert was organised for 10 hours non-stop involving a few artists from across the world. It was an incredible experience as it was very close to the actual live performance. I got to interact with performers from Japan, Africa, Pakistan, and other countries.

What is the scope for independent musicians in our country? Did the pandemic slow down your music?

Our country is built mainly on two things — cricket and Bollywood. Hindi films cannot thrive without music, but you need the right people to guide you in a particular direction. I know many musicians who travelled more than 20 days a month doing Bollywood gigs earning handsome money during pre-Covid days. However, if you want to become an independent songwriter and performer (non-Bollywood), it is a different ball game. Apart from making music videos, marketing and collaborating with other artistes is an arduous task. Musicians and performers have been the worst hit because of the pandemic. We thrive on live performances to connect with our audience, but when this was disrupted, the music industry went into turmoil. Fortunately, our business is running through online shows and workshops, and many IT companies have created a space for artistes like us to jam with other musicians across the world.

Do you think contemporary music has overshadowed classical music?

Pop or contemporary music is popular because it caters to a large audience. It has dominated not only classical but all kinds of music. However, almost all forms of music including Jazz were born from classical notes. Most of the musicians of famous rock bands have learnt traditional music, and this deep-rooted art form will always be a part of contemporary music.

How has Asha Bhosle influenced you as a musician? Do you feel the pressure of being her grandson while performing in a concert?

My grandmother’s music is a way of life. At the age of 87, she still likes to record and persists to sing every note of the song right. She does her music practice every day. Her passion and devotion to music inspire me to perform better in every concert. Fortunately, I haven’t followed her footsteps and know that I can never match her legendary status. Like the musicians of the West, I write my song, and it is now difficult for most people to compare me with her. However, I feel both exhilarated and nervous while performing on the stage with her because if you hit one wrong note, you’ll know your mistake through her facial expressions.

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