‘Youngest author’ to write in Kannada

‘Youngest author’ to write in Kannada

Manya Harsha aspires to become like Sudha Murthy

At the age of eight, Manya Harsha became an author. Within the age of 10, she won the title of the youngest poet to publish a book on nature, grandmaster of Asia Book of Records, youngest poet of India by Vajra Book of World Records, youngest female poet to write a book on nature by World Records India and youngest poet by Golden Book of Records. 

The young writer aspires to be like Sudha Murthy. She says, “I really like her stories and would love to meet her one day.” 

Manya picked up her love for writing two years ago. It was her teacher who noticed her skills. Chitra, Manya’s mother says, “She used to write poems for school assignments and won good grades for it too. I didn’t realise she was writing it even when there were no assignments. Her teacher ones pointed out and said she has potential and we should publish the poems she’s written.” 

That’s how her book ‘Nature our Future’ was published, a collection of 55 poems about mother nature. 

She later wrote a poem about the Indian Army when she met them during a holiday. “We were near the border where the Army was also there. She happened to interact with many of them and she even read out her work to them. They were very appreciative of her writing,” Chitra says. 

Manya’s latest achievement is being known as the youngest author to write a book in Kannada. Titled ‘Neerina Putani Samrakshakaru’, the book was published by Crimson Corners Publishers in June 2020.

Translated as ‘The Water Heroes’, the book throws light on the current scenario of the water crisis and the solution children can collectively follow to preserve it. 

The little author plans to write more books. “My next one will be in Hindi. I really want to learn more languages to write in, especially French,” Manya says. She has also written and sung a rap song in Kannada about protecting nature, which became viral on social media.

Apart from writing, she loves to sing, dance, play instruments and swim. When asked how she finds the time to relax, she says, “I’m always relaxed. I do what I want to do and when I want to do so they don’t feel like activities. I’m happy.”