More women taking to comedy: Punya

More women taking to comedy: Punya


This Bengaluru-based comedienne is ready to challenge anyone who thinks women aren’t funny.

As the number of women in comedy grows, Punya Arora wants to encourage men to attend all-women shows, including the one she’s a part of at this weekend at Bengaluru Comedy Festival.

Punya says the number of women in India’s comedy scene has reached the point where it’s on par with men. “It offers another perspective on stage which is always great. I really like that that’s happening,” Punya says.

At the same time, the increase in women on stage will lead to an increase in women attending shows. “Somehow when there’s a lot more women in the audience, the laughs are a lot louder,” she says.

Punya, who is of Punjabi descent and grew up in South India, has been exploring her humorous side on stages for a few years now.

Also a professional photographer, comedy was once her passion and is now her second job.

“Comedy is just something I’ve always enjoyed. I never thought it would be my career though,” she says.

Her show ‘Mum’s The Word’ combines anecdotal jokes in Hindi and English about her life, including being raised by a single mother.

One of the main messages of her show is treating daughters equal to sons. “We’re not asking for more, just treat us equally.”

Punya says humour is a great medium and she enjoys getting to make people laugh. “I really think that being on stage just brings me to life. It fixes everything. I could be having the worst day and then I get up there and find my best side.”

She feels that being part of this weekend’s event is an opportunity to be inspired by all the different personalities and enjoy the best India has to offer.

She doesn’t count anybody as a particular inspiration but says she watches a lot of comedy to fuel her funny bone.

“I want to be original, I don’t want to try to recreate another person. I watch comedy for comedy and I try to get my inspiration from life. “What I get from comedy is I analyse how to take pauses and when to wait for a laugh.”

Punya is performing in The Big Show and The Good Lineup on November 18.