Doll displays part of stars’ childhood Dasara memories

Doll displays part of stars’ childhood Dasara memories

M D Pallavi

‘Naada habba’ Dasara is one of the festivals that everyone looks forward to. Hard pressed for time, celebrities may be missing out on the fun. But Metrolife takes a peek into their childhood memories of this festival.

MD Pallavi, Singer

I remember celebrating ‘Ayudha puja’ and ‘Saraswathi puja’ as a kid. I remember going to my Dad’s office during Ayudh Puja and eating ‘kadle puri’. Visiting friends during this time added to the fun.

I like festivals because it is a time to spend with friends and family, Usually, nobody picks a fight during festivals so that is an added advantage.

One of my most important memories of Dasara is Mysuru. Recently, I got the chance to perform in front of the Mysuru palace, in front of thousands of people. I performed along with SP Balasubramanyam this Dasara. Many turned up despite the heavy rains and sat through the entire concert. It was a memorable experience.

Jayaram Karthik, Actor

Dasara celebration is incomplete if you are not in Mysuru. I love watching the illuminated palace and the elephant parade. The way the entire city is decorated amazes me every time.

I used to visit a friend of mine called Lakshmi during this festival. They had the best doll display in her house. Another great thing about Dasara is the delicacies prepared; I love the home-made ‘obbatu’ and ‘chiroti’.

Unfortunately I no more enjoy the luxuries of going on long vacations, as I am occupied with work most of the times. As children, we used to wait for Dasara. I hardly think of anything but work, these days.

Rishab Shetty, Director

Dasara is one of my favourite festivals though we never followed the ritual of doll arrangements at home. Navratri is popular among us in the Dakshina Kannada region. We learnt about ‘Mysuru Dasara’ only after we started watching the direct telecast on ‘Chandana TV’. Our picnic spot was ‘ajji mane’ during Navratri. My cousins and I used to get together and make the most of the vacation. The girls would bring flowers, and the boys would take care of the decorations and food arrangements.

I also remember how my cousins and I were competing with each other to finish the payasam and idlis. Talking about it makes me nostalgic. I love the home-made Dasara sweets, especially the godi payasam.

It is sad that I don’t have the time to celebrate any festival. We fail to understand the importance of celebrating festivals together as we are all too involved in settling down. At present, my wife takes the initiative and celebrates all the festivals, but I somehow sneak out and head to work. This year is important to me as we are celebrating ‘Ayudha puja’ together.

Festivals are not to be celebrated just for the sake of it. It is a time for all of us to forget all our differences and spend time together.

Sangeetha Katti, Singer

I have a special connection with Dasara as I was born on ‘Saraswathi Habba’. We usually don’t follow the traditions of doll arrangements in north Karnataka. Navaratri is
our main festival. We perform pujas to all ‘devis’, until Vijayadashami.

Festive food is prepared on all 10 days. ‘Hoorna naivedye’ is offered every day after the puja.

The best thing I remember about Navratri is the ‘Lakshmi Narayan Jaatre’ in Dharwad. As kids, we were excited to go to the jaatre and see the displayed items.
With different ‘devi alankaras’ every day, it was indeed a treat to the eyes. We sung different ‘devi’ songs and expressed our gratitude to the goddess.

I make an attempt to follow these traditions as it is something to preserved and passed on to the future generations.

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