Victorian styles set to rule this season

Victorian styles set to rule this season

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Fashion plays an increasingly important role in an individual’s life because it is considered a means of self-expression. The Autumn/Winter season is officially in full swing. Basic elements like colour, texture, balance, harmony and rhythm play an important role this season.

Men’s wear and the silhouettes have evolved a lot. So, stop looking for old school silhouettes this season and grab some funky yet edgy look.

This year labels are not just bringing back classic tailoring, they’re also re-spinning it; creating new silhouettes, interesting layering options and statement suits that shout louder than ever before. Mismatched prints, cropped trousers, neck scarves, plaid pants are going to play an important role. Prints are up 89 per cent this season.

Here are a few looks that I find are going to rule the coming season.


This season, I see a new landscape, both steeped in tradition and constantly looking forward. The paradox of the Victorian era mirrors itself in my 2019 collection with sherwanis made of georgette with floral embroidery, pitching them against the tenets of urban nostalgia. The garments are played with drapes, adding to a subtle drama and a meticulous deconstruction of the 80s Victorian culture.


With the Black Capsule collection, we set the stage for an inherent interplay of reverence and revolution. Textured black garments are carefully paired with metal embellishments making for provocative Gothic looks becoming a fitting showcase for the male form. Tailoring is streamlined and utilitarian, drawing on the idea of uniforms but eschewing uniformity. Metal embellishments  are expounded, each manipulated and rediscovered.   


Is it possible to celebrate haute couture while also offering a critical reading of it? Is it possible to stay faithful to the strict rules decreed by the Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture while breaking them down to create a new order? Translating from the quintessentially accepted blacks into whites for red carpet events, the looks of my White collection welcome wide sashes draped as if they were inspired from an Obi. You will now see garments subtly crossing and gently holding the body, the soft line of a seamless shoulder, draped with delicate gestures drawn from traditional Indian and Japanese styles.  The looks are all crafted for the wearer to steal the spotlight - albeit subtly.