Mounting of banned flex creates flutter

Mounting of banned flex creates flutter

Moodbidri MLA Umanath Kotian

The BJP-dominated Mennabettu Gram Panchayat is showing zero tolerance to mounting of flexes. This has landed it in a tricky situation as Moodbidri BJP MLA Umanath Kotian has refused to remove a flex.

Three years ago, 11 members of the Panchayat adopted a resolution to ban flexes. Now, pressure is mounting on the Panchayat with the villagers demanding answers on how permission was given to put up a flex of the MLA, who, incidentally, is from Mennabettu Gram Panchayat itself.

Panchayat president Sarojini confirmed to DH that the Panchayat had been strictly enforcing the ban on flexes and promoting the use of cloth banners. “We had even convinced Ayyappa devotees to remove their flexes that had been mounted a year ago. The Panchayat had also stopped issuing permission to mount flexes during festivals like Deepavali, Eid and Christmas and the residents too have been adhering to it,” she added.

“Had a permission been sought to mount the flex, the Gram Panchayat would have recommended a cloth banner instead of a plastic flex,” the president asserted.

Members of the Panchayat too have demanded removal of Kotian’s flex. “We have a meeting on Wednesday. The members have asked me to get the flex removed before the meeting. When I spoke to the MLA on using a cloth banner, however, Kotian requested that the flex be retained till the Kambala event on Saturday,” the Sarojini explained.

“Mennabettu Panchayat has set a model by segregating the dry and wet waste at source itself. We have one waste management unit for three gram panchayats of Kinnigoli, Kateel and Mennabettu. The collected plastic is disposed of scientifically under the Swachh Bharat Mission by the officials,” the president explained.