60,000km of highway and other bloopers in BJP manifesto

60,000km of highway and other bloopers in BJP manifesto

Prime Minister Narendra Modi displays copies of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) election manifesto for the April/May general election in New Delhi, India, April 8, 2019. REUTERS

Bloopers in the manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections on Citizenship Amendment Bill and women safety issues have left the BJP red-faced, while the Congress was quick to highlight them on social media.

While takling about giving priority to women's security, the manifesto had said it has constituted Women's Security Division in the Home Ministry with strict provisions for "transferring the laws in order to commit crimes against women".


However, the Hindi version of the manifesto has correctly mentioned "changing the laws" to ensure time-bound investigation and trial of crime against women, particularly rape cases, in fast track courts".


The error in the English version of manifesto caught Congress' attention and it tweeted, "at least one point in BJP's manifesto reflects their true intentions. #BJPJumlaManifesto."

BJP leaders dismissed it as an oversight that was not worthy of being hyped up.

The BJP claim of building 60,000 km of National Highway and double the current length invited Congress criticism. "BJP claims they will construct 60,000 kms of National Highways to double it by 2022. Once again simple math fails them; 2017-18 Economic Survey states India has 1,01,000 km of national highways - how exactly will building 60,000 kms double the current amount?" Congress tweeted.


Citizenship Amendment Bill


The manifesto said the Citizenship Amendment Bill that could not be passed in the last term provides citizenship for persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries.

While the manifesto mentioned that those who will benefit from the law were Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs, the Bill that the Narendra Modi government had moved included Christians and Parsis.

Opposition parties inside and outside Parliament resisted the bill and there were strong protests in the north-east against the Bill. The BJP now promises to clarify the issues raised by people in the north-east and then enact the law.