Migrant in Bihar who eats 40 rotis, 10 plates of rice

A migrant in Bihar quarantine who eats 40 rotis, 10 plates of rice a day

23-year-old Anup Ojha, a migrant, who has returned from Rajasthan, eats 40 rotis daily at a quarantine centre in Buxar. DH PHOTO: MOHAN PRASAD

Bihar officials visited a quarantine centre in Buxar district to enquire about an unusual incident there. A 23-year-old migrant, who had returned from Rajasthan and was quarantined at the Manjhwari Quarantine Centre in Buxar, was reported to be consuming 40 rotis (chapatis) in the breakfast and around eight to 10 plates of rice during lunch every day.

The administrative officials, when informed about the diet of a young Anup Ojha, decided to visit the quarantine centre during lunch hour. They were shocked to find how a person can consume such quantum of food which would, otherwise, have fed at least 10 persons.

“We were informed that, a Bihar delicacy ‘litti’ (a dough ball made of wheat flour and stuffed with roasted chickpea) was prepared for the migrants staying in the quarantine centre, Ojha ate 85 littis that day. The cook, who prepares roti, is now tired of preparing so many chapatis for one particular individual. So, we decided to get a first-hand account of this person and his diet,” said the Block Development Officer (BDO) AK Singh. 

Actually, it was Ojha’s unusual diet which brought this quarantine centre into limelight. It was reported that the foodgrains and other eatables were running out of stock fast despite the limited number of migrants. The matter reached headquarters when it was informed that one particular individual consumes substantial food (which normally would have fed ten persons).

“Ojha’s quarantine period is about to end. We have instructed the cook that he should not be deprived of food. Nor there should be any slash in his diet. Let him have whatever he wants,” the officials instructed the manager of the quarantine centre.


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