UPA, NDA obfuscating on Right-wing terror: activists

UPA, NDA obfuscating on Right-wing terror: activists

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The erstwhile Congress-led UPA and the current BJP-led NDA dispensations have been obfuscating on the matter of cracking down on these terrorist organisations, despite all the obvious evidence, a group of activists said here on Thursday.

Under the banner of Bharat Bachao Andolan, the activists demanded that Sanatan Sanstha be banned and its founder Dr Jayant Athawale be arrested forthwith in the wake of the recent crackdown by the CBI and the Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Maharashtra police.

In a joint statement, activists like Tushar Gandhi, Nikhil Wagle, Charul Joshi, Jatin Desai, Noorjehan Safia Niyaz, Feroze Mithiborwala, Varsha Vidya Vilas and Jyoti Badekar said: "We as a nation must unite to counter the scourge of terrorism and thus pressurise the Govt and the investigating agencies to crackdown on all such terrorist organisations. If not, we will witness even more writers and intellectuals who will be assassinated, and more innocent people killed in terror attacks."

They pointed out that the Sanatan Sanstha first emerged as a suspect in 2006 during the Nanded blasts, then again 2008, when they threw bombs to disrupt plays in Thane and Vashi for which their members were convicted, again in 2009 in the Goa blasts. In 2011 the then Prithviraj-Maharashtra Government submitted a 1,000 page dossier but the Dr Mamohan Singh-led Centre did not start the legal process to ban the Sanatan Sanstha. Again in 2015, the Devendra Fadnavis government too sent its report, but again, no action from the Narendra Modi-government.