Cong-BJP slugfest over sighting of Nirav Modi in London

Cong-BJP slugfest over sighting of Nirav Modi in London

The sighting of fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi in London kicked in a political row

The sighting of fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi in London kicked in a political row with Congress accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of running a "fraudster settlement yojana" for such fugitives while BJP hitting back and reminding that it all had begun in 2011 when UPA government was in power.

Latching on to the video of Nirav Modi in London spotted by British daily The Telegraph journalist, Congress President Rahul Gandhi made a direct attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and alleged that the video of fugitive Nirav Modi in London shows an “uncanny similarity between him & his bhai, PM Modi. “

Playing up similarity of the surname Modi, Gandhi said, “ both have looted India and are called Modi. Both refuse to answer any questions. Both believe they are above the law. Both will face justice.”

 Senior Congress leader  P Chidambaram said in a series of tweets,  “now Nirav Modi is walking on the streets of London. Will Mrs Sushma Swaraj swoop down, pluck him off the street and bring him back to India?  When Lalit Modi stayed on in the UK, I wrote to the UK Chancellor that he should be sent back to India. Mrs Sushma Swaraj mocked me for writing letters”.

 BJP was quick to hit back on the main Opposition party, dubbing its attack as a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black and reminded that it was Modi government which acted on it and that  Nirav Modi had began his fraud in 2011 when the UPA dispensation was in power.

 "Many of these who cheated India during the UPA government have been brought back and are in custody. Others will follow. They are living the life of fugitives and refugees. Nirav Modi's fraud to cheat the banks started in 2011 when UPA government was in power. It was detected and exposed during the Modi government. The offender was declared a fugitive, his assets seized, illegal house blown up and businesses closed," the BJP said.

The ruling party also emphasized that criminal cases have been filed by investigation agencies who have been probing him for tax evasion, money laundering and criminal fraud.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said, “thieves did not run away during Congress rule because they knew no action will be taken against them. Now they are running away because there is a fear among them during the rule of Modi.”

The main Opposition party, which has launched a campaign against Modi government on corruption latching on to Rafale issue has kept up its attack.

 Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala was acerbic in his criticism. “ Fugitive Nirav Modi has been seen enjoying in London, living in Rs 75 crore flat and wearing a 10,000-pound jacket. First, loot Rs 23,000 crore from banks, then run away from the country without any checks, mock the CBI and the ED and then make a comfortable home in a Rs 75 crore flat. Narendra Modi is there, so it is possible,” he said.

Surjewala went on to allege that it seems Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running a "bank fraudsters settlement company" for the likes of Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi, Surjewala alleged.

Congress also ridiculed BJP’s poll slogan 'Modi hai toh mumkin hai' (It's possible if there is Modi) saying it is correct for fraudsters and alleged that the country is now a witness to the Narendra Modi Fraudster Settlement Yojana".