Congress candidate tops list of poll spenders

Congress candidate tops list of poll spenders

Satyanarayan Sharma

An estimate of the election expenses done by candidates in Assembly constituencies of Raipur district suggests that Congress candidate from Raipur Rural, Satyanarayan Sharma, has spent the highest.

He is followed by BJP candidates Nand Kumar Sahu and Devji Bhai Patel of Dharsiwa constituency.

Raipur City South BJP candidate, Brijmohan Agrawal, having won the seat six times and now vying it for the seventh time, has shown his expenses to be around Rs 10 lakh out of the Rs 28 lakh limit.

According to Raipur District Electoral Officer, among the candidates who have  submitted the expenses before counting, Raipur Rural Congress candidate Satyanarayan Sharma has spent Rs 18.10 lakh, while BJP candidates Nande Sahu and Devji Bhai Patel have spent Rs 17.22 lakh and Rs 16.29 lakh, respectively.

Dharsiwa candidate of Congress, Anita Sharma, has submitted expenses of Rs 4.34 lakh, while she has not paid around Rs 1.57 lakh to the concerned agency.

One of the high profile candidates of the BJP, six-time MLA from Raipur City South Brijmohan Agrawal, has shown expenses of Rs 10.11 lakh, while election observers have shown the estimated expense details of around Rs 12.80 lakh for him.

Congress candidate Kanhaiya Agrawal has shown expenses of Rs 3.95 lakh while against him election observers have earmarked expenses of Rs 7.95 lakh.

According to DEO officials, the expenses are countered as per the estimates given by observers and candidates. But getting the final estimate of expenses is delayed when candidates challenge the estimate done by the officials.

Raipur City North BJP candidate Shrichand Sunderani has shown expenditure of Rs 10.81 lakh, while his opponent, Congress candidate Kuldeep Juneja has submitted expense of Rs 6.85 lakh.

Arang Assembly constituency candidate for Congress Dr Shiv Dehria has shown expenses of Rs 11.64 lakh, while BJP candidate Sanjay Didhi has shown only Rs 3.57 lakh. The Election Commission has raised objection over the expenses submitted by Didhi for non-submission of the vouchers and bills.

BJP candidate from Abhanpur Assembly constituency, Chandrashekar Sahu, has submitted expense of Rs 12.28 lakh, while the expenses borne by sitting MLA and Congress candidate Dhanendra Sahu have not been revealed due to an objection on it.

The nodal officer has not finalised the expenses related to Raipur City West Assembly constituencies yet.