UP cop forcibly piggybacks fellow traveller

UP cop forcibly piggybacks fellow traveller

Police personnel conduct investigation near the bike of the constable responsible for shooting an Apple employee, on patrol duty, in Lucknow, on September 29. Tiwari was shot dead after he allegedly refused to stop his car for checking in the posh Gomti N

In a bid to prevent his boots from getting wet and muddied, an Uttar Pradesh cop forcibly piggybacked on a fellow traveller to reach the shore after crossing a river in the state's Rampur district, about 325 km from here.

According to reports, the cop was on his way to Chakferi village in the district to investigate a case of theft of cattle when the incident occurred.

The boats carrying people to the village stop a few metres before the shore and the travellers have cross a muddied area to reach the shore.

Although the incident occurred a few days back, it came to light on Thursday, when pictures showing the piggyback ride went viral on social media sites. Reports said another fellow traveller had clicked the picture and uploaded it on the internet.

Senior police officials in the district feigned ignorance about the incident.

Uttar Pradesh police officers have put their department in embarrassing situations earlier as well. A few months back, an inspector had kicked an old man's typewriter with his boot breaking it completely.