UP cop pins down rickshaw puller with boots, suspended

UP cop pins down rickshaw puller with boots, suspended

Another Uttar Pradesh cop was caught on camera pinning down a rickshaw puller with his boots in full public view in the state capital.

The cop, Anand Pratap Singh, has been suspended.

The cop pushed the poor rickshaw puller on the ground, banged his head against a road divider and put his boot on his neck, leaving him gasping for breath.

The matter came to light after a video prepared by some passer by, showing the brutality of the cop, went viral on the social networking sites on Saturday.

The cop is seen putting his boot on the neck of the rickshaw puller, who is clearly seen in a great deal of pain, and standing as if he has won some prize.

According to sources here, the cop got infuriated after the rickshaw puller got into an argument with him over a minor collision with an autorickshaw in Madiaon area in the state capital.

Police brutality

Taking a serious view of the matter, Lucknow police chief Kalanidhi Naithani suspended the cop and shunted out the in-charge of the Madiaon police station.

Infamous for its brutality, UP police has brutalised poor people in the past.

Saturday's incident is reminiscent of the one in which a cop had smashed the typewriter of an old man and dragged him on the road.

A few days back a cop had allegedly forced a man to rub his nose on his (cop's) boot before letting him free in Mainpuri district, about 300 km from here.