NFR targets 8000KW solar power to save 4.73 cr yearly

NFR targets 8000KW solar power to save 4.73 cr yearly

A solar panel in a railway station. Photo credit: NF Railways, Maligaon, Guwahati. (DH Photo)

The Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR) has set a target to generate 8000-KWs of solar energy, which will save electricity bills of Rs. 4.73 crore every year. 

The NFR, which covers the Northeast, Bengal and parts of Bihar now generates about 2,428-KW of solar power.

A statement issued by Subhanan Chanda, chief public relations officer of NFR said all stations under NFR have been provided with LED lights to save energy while Guwahati railway station is running with grid-connected solar power since 2017 when a 700KW solar plant was commissioned.

"Already, roof mounted solar panels in various offices, station buildings, level crossing gates in the Northeast are generating about 2,428 KW of solar power, which helped us achieve savings of about Rs. 2 crore from annual conventional energy bills. Another 1,043 KW of solar power generating capacity is under installation. Apart from this, about 4365 KW of solar power is also planned for installation within a short time. Once all these are commissioned, the total solar power generation in NFR will reach nearly 8, 000 KW leading to generation of about 37 lakh units of clean and green electricity with savings of about Rs. 4.73 crore from annual conventional energy bills," he said.

Chanda said the initiative was part of Indian Railways' decision to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption, which is produced by the use of fossil fuel. 

"Alhough railway is one of the least polluting means of transportation, the Indian Railway is fully aware of its responsibilities for positive contribution for preserving the environment for future generation," he said.