West Bengal BJP unhappy over induction of TMC leaders

West Bengal BJP unhappy over induction of TMC leaders

Ex-TMC leader and now BJP member Sovan Chatterjee with West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee (Photo: Facebook/Sovon Chatterjee)

Bengal BJP’s problems with turncoats is plaguing the party once again. This time the saffron party was left red-faced when the ex-TMC leader and now BJP member Sovan Chatterjee recently met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at her residence.

BJP sources revealed that the situation has become such that the state leadership is blaming a section of Central leaders over the issue.

“Ever since he (Chatterjee) joined the party his relationship with the state leadership has not been very cordial due to several reasons. Initially, the state leadership was not keen on inducting him in the party but finally relented due to the insistence of the Central leadership,” a senior state BJP said. Chatterjee met the chief minister on Tuesday.

A section of state BJP leaders even questioned Chatterjee’s commitment to the party. They were skeptic whether Chatterjee was at all able to adopt BJP’s ideology.

“I wonder whether Chatterjee ever felt at home in BJP. It seems he is unable to adapt to the party discipline,” the BJP leader said.

Ever since Chatterjee joined BJP in August he had expressed his discontent against the state leadership several times. And at one point he even offered to resign from the party.

BJP sources revealed that Chatterjee event went to the extent of complaining to the Central leadership that he was not getting adequate opportunity to work in BJP.

 It is his prerogative to decide whom he meets. But he should take a call on his political future,” said state BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu.