Mughal Gardens to be opened for public from Feb 15

Mughal Gardens to be opened for public from Feb 15

Except for Mondays, on account of maintenance, the gardens will be open on all days from 10 am to 5 pm from February 15 to March 16. No entry will be allowed in the lawns after 4 pm.

Visitors will not be permitted to carry water bottles, briefcases, handbags, purses, umbrella, cameras, radios, cell phones, arms and ammunition and eatables for security reasons.

The gardens, spread over 15 acres in the Presidential House complex, have flowers like roses, lilies and tulips, while lotus-shaped fountains and blue water canals add to the attraction.

The main garden has two big lawns. The central one is a square with each side being 45 metres and the east lawn is adjacent to the building, oblong in shape and about three-fourth the size of central lawn.

Two channels running from north to south and two running from east to west divide this garden into a grid of squares. There are six lotus-shaped fountains at the crossings of these channels. The garden derives its evergreen texture from moulsri, cypress and china orange trees, rose shrubs and a variety of climbers.

The Mughal Gardens also have a segment on medicinal and herbal plants and a biodiversity park.