BJP accuses oppn of emotional exploitation of Kashmiris

BJP accuses oppn of emotional exploitation of Kashmiris

The Jammu and Kashmir unit of BJP on Wednesday targeted the opposition for questioning the Centre's claim of "total normalcy" in Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370 provisions and said it is "back to its usual trick of emotional exploitation" of people.

It also recommended a "high-level inquiry" into the alleged lack of facilities at MLA hostel following complaints by the relatives of politicians detained thereafter it was turned into a sub-jail.

"The return to normalcy in Kashmir does not suit their (opposition's) narrative of opposing the government's decision of August 5 and hence they continue in the usual mode of denial and victimhood unmindful of their role in the past," BJP spokesperson Brig (retd) Anil Gupta said in a statement here.

Reacting to the discussion on the Kashmir situation in Parliament and the statements of the National Conference and the PDP casting doubt over the government's claim of "total normalcy" in Kashmir, Gupta said, "The opposition is back to its usual trick of emotional exploitation of people based on false propaganda instead of factual data and with statements laced with superlative adjectives to create an impression that hell has been let loose in Kashmir."

Many opposition parties, including the National Conference and the PDP, had on Wednesday lashed out at the Centre over its claim that the situation is normal in Kashmir and asked why there is communication blockade and continued detention of political leaders then.

Referring to the statement of the veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad in Rajya Sabha, Gupta said he was challenged by Home Minister Amit Shah to have a debate based on facts and figures but the former "chose to sit down rather than accept the challenge".

"It speaks volumes about the normalcy in Kashmir because the Leader of the Opposition's statement was nowhere near the truth," Gupta claimed.

He said the question like "why opposition leaders are detained if the situation is normal" is illogical because those asking the question very well know that "situation is normal because the opposition leaders are detained".

"The people have been witness to the events in the past under the watch of the same very leaders when hundreds of precious Kashmiri lives were lost due to bloodshed. These leaders preferred their chair over the lives of innocent Kashmiris," Gupta said.

He said, "The present NDA government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to prevent the loss of precious Kashmiri lives at any cost."

Reacting to the complaints of the relatives of detained leaders who have been shifted to MLA Hostel in Srinagar claiming that the hostel lacks facilities, the BJP leader recommended a "high-level inquiry since this accommodation was till recently being used by the state's legislators".

"How were they staying there without any facilities? Were these leaders when in power not responsible for the maintenance and furnishing of MLAs Hostel? Does it mean that the legislators were being housed all these years in sub-standard accommodation lacking basic amenities and heating facilities?" he asked.

Families of detained mainstream Kashmiri political leaders, who have been under custody for over three months now, rued the lack of basic amenities at the MLA Hostel, where they were moved from a hotel early this week.

The families, who were allowed to meet the leaders, claimed that the MLA Hostel did not have proper heating arrangements and the food being provided to the politicians was substandard.

"Now that the wheels of justice have started moving and their past is haunting them, they are spreading false propaganda through their cronies and proxies,"