Bizarre treatment: Bandage over trouser at UP hospital

Bizarre treatment: Bandage over trouser at UP hospital

Representative image (Credit: Pixabay)

Doctors at the district hospital in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly town, about 250 kilometres from here, were shocked, when they unwrapped the bandage over the knee of Urvesh Kumar, who had been injured in a road mishap.

Much to their dismay, the doctors found that Kumar had his jeans on when he was bandaged at the community health centre (CHC) and that bandage was wrapped over the trouser.   

A probe was ordered into the matter.

According to the reports, Kumar, a resident of Ichoria village in the district, had been hit by a tractor while he was on way to the nearby market on Tuesday. He suffered serious injuries on his keen and arms.

Kumar was rushed to the nearby CHC at Kyara, reports said adding that as there was no doctor on duty, the pharmacist attended to to the injured youth.

The pharmacist was in such a tearing hurry that he bandaged the bleeding knee while Kumar had his trouser on. On being pointed out by the attendants, the pharmacist said that Kumar would lose a lot of blood if he ''wasted'' time in getting him to take off his trouser.

Chief medical officer (CMO) of the district Dr Vineet Shukla said that it was a serious matter and that a probe would be conducted into the same. 

Earlier also there had been reports of ward boys and even sweepers attending to the critically wounded persons at government hospitals in the state.