Guessing on on Rajinikanth's move, Movies or Politics

Guessing on on Rajinikanth's move, Movies or Politics


Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yaarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya nerathula correcta varuven (No one knows when I and how I would come; but I will come at the right time). This was Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s famous punch line in his 1995 blockbuster Muthu that was construed as a teaser for his entry into politics.

25 years later, the actor seems to have learned the art of keeping people, especially his fans on tenterhooks, when it comes to his political plunge. The suspense on whether he would launch a political party as promised 22 months ago continues as the actor continues to sign films after films.

Just about a few days ago, Sun Pictures, owned by media baron Kalanidhi Maran, announced that leading filmmaker ‘Siruthai’ Siva will direct Rajinikanth’s next movie – the fourth movie the superstar has signed after his grand announcement on the last day of 2017 that he would launch a political party and contest the Assembly elections due in 2017.

Though the actor had proclaimed that he would launch the party ahead of Assembly polls due in 2021, which is not too far, political analysts feel signing films continuously even after announcing the political plunge doesn’t augur well for Rajinikanth’s image.

The actor did not contest the Lok Sabha polls and refused to spell out his stand but have been constantly signing films – there has been no concrete action or announcement on the launch of his party in the past two years.  Rajinikanth also came across as ambivalent about his political entry during interactions with journalists as he never really answered the question on when he would launch his party.

“Rajinikanth, in my opinion, will never launch a political party and work to earn the chief minister’s post. He will expect the BJP or some other force to gift the post to him. I don’t think he is the kind of person who want to work on the ground and meet people. All these years he has only been dishonest about this political entry,” political observer ‘Aazhi’ Senthilnathan told DH.

However, people aware of Rajinikanth’s moves say the actor would launch the party just six months ahead of the Assembly polls as he “realises the difficulty in keeping a party afloat” when there aren’t elections around.

Tamilaruvi Manian, a former Congressman who is now advising Rajinikanth on his political entry, told DH that the actor would continue to act in movies till the 2021 Assembly elections as it is the “only way” to be in touch with the people of Tamil Nadu.

“He will continue to act. Why should he stop acting? M G Ramachandran continued to act until he became chief minister. It is only the Opposition parties which are scared by Rajinikanth’s entry are interpreting his signing up movies as a good signal for them. He will certainly launch political party,” Manian said.

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