Mumbai girl wins Miss Teen World

Mumbai girl wins Miss Teen World

Sushmita Singh has won the coveted Miss Teen World (Mundial) Crown at a glittering ceremony in El Salvador. (TPML Photo)

An 18-year-old girl from Kalyan suburbs of Mumbai, Sushmita Singh, has won the coveted Miss Teen World (Mundial) Crown at a glittering ceremony in El Salvador.

Sushmita was crowned by out going queen  Angivette Toribio, Miss Teen Mundial 2018,  from Dominican Republic. The show which judged the girls on behaviour, intelligence, communication, fashion, fitness and glamour; was conducted over a period of 8 days where the girls attended a range of activities from public parades, mayor visits, site seeing, photoshoots, sponsor activities and charitable causes; while indulging themselves in the beauty, culture and food of the central American nation- El Salvador. 

Sushmita, the 18-year-old mass media student who is a painter, sportswoman, orator and the "breaker of boundaries", touched the hearts of the audience when she responded to how she intends to serve the world if she won.

"I was told I was not beautiful, but I worked hard and stood up for myself, and here I am. I want to serve as an inspiration to all girls to dare to live their dreams," she added.

She now wears a crown that is inspired by the crown of King Enrique IV of England, and will serve her commitment to the world. She is daughter of Satyabhama and Naveen Singh.

"In our hearts we always believed our daughter was the winner, but when we arrived at the contest, we saw the hard work of all the girls in a very well organised and disciplined contest, and now we have friendships from all over the world and we aim at representing all the girls, because all of them are winners in their own right," they said.