World's longest ropeway coming up in Mumbai

World's longest ropeway coming up in Mumbai

The longest ropeway of the world is coming up in Mumbai. The eight-kilometre-long ropeway would connect Sewree in Mumbai to the Elephanta Island off the harbour in Raigad district.

This is one of the ambitious projects of the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT). The Elephanta Island or the Gharapuri Island is known for the Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tourists who visit there now have to depend on the ferry services from the Gateway of India.

The small island is dotted with numerous ancient archaeological remains that are the sole testimonies to its rich cultural past. These archaeological remains reveal evidence of occupation from as early as the 2nd century BC.

The rock-cut Elephanta Caves were constructed about the mid-5th to 6th centuries AD. It is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the tourist footfall is very high.

A network of seven rock-cut caves devoted to Lord Shiva forms Elephanta Caves. It's still not clear which dynasty built it and exactly when it is believed to have started anywhere from mid 5th century AD to 7th century AD by either the Kalachuris or the Konkan Mauryas or the Rashtrakutas.

The most impressive cave is Cave 1 that showcases the Brahmanical rock-cut architecture at its best. Other famous sculptures of Shiva includes the Ardhanarisvara; the Mahesh-murti; Andhakasuravada murti; cosmic dance of Nataraja; Kalyanasundara murti; Gangadhara murti; Ravana shaking Kailasa and Siva as Lakulisa.