Palimaru seer inaugurates Golden Gopura work

Palimaru seer inaugurates Golden Gopura work

Paryaya Palimaru Mutt Pontiff Vidyadheesha Teertha Swami, on Wednesday, shared his dream of replicating the opulence of Dwaraka by decorating the Gopura (tower) of the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Krishna Temple here, with gold (sheet).

“With every square ft requiring 50 grams of gold, around 2,500 square feet would thus require 100 kilograms of gold, worth more than Rs 32 crore.”

He was addressing the gathering after inaugurating the work for laying the gold sheet on the Gopura.

The seer said that he was always keen on taking up the work. “It is Lord Krishna who is fulfilling the dreams,” he stressed.

“This grand endeavor can be achieved solely with the collaboration and contribution of the crores of devotees,” he added.

He declared that he was dedicating the work to the devotees and was confident that the god would help him complete the work with the sufficient amount of gold.

Pieces of gold were melted and poured into a vessel and was beaten with the help of a hammer to make the sheets for the roof project.

Silver sheets will be laid on the wooden framework of the Gopura.

About 500-kg silver will be used for this purpose. Gold
will be cast on the silver sheet later.

Latest technology will be employed to permanently fix the sheets on the Gopura.

As many as ‘21,600 Hamsa Mantra’ will be inscribed along with the verses from Sri Madhwacharya’s ‘Sarvamoola Grantha’ with the help of laser technology on the gold sheet.

Next Mathura

Senior BJP leader and former MLC Go Madhusudan said that after Ram Mandir in Ayodhya their next target was Mathura and Kashi.

He said the country would have Ram Mandir shortly. “Prime Minister is under pressure to ensure the construction of the temple in Ayodhya. The saints and religious leaders are determined to built the temple.”

He added that the measures would be taken to ‘liberate’ Mathura and Kashi.

“Along with the laying of the foundation stone for the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, there is need for removal of mosques near the temple sites at Mathura and Kashi,” he said and added the temples were sacred places for Hindus.