Paranjoy laments misuse of Internet

Paranjoy laments misuse of Internet

Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta delivers the inaugural address at the media fest ‘Beacons’ at Nitte Institute of Communication in Paneer.

Journalist and filmmaker Paranjoy Guha Thakurta said traditional media landscape has changed drastically with the emergence of social media. 

He was speaking after inaugurating the sixth edition of two-day media fest ‘Beacons’, organised by Nitte Institute of Communication at Paneer, Deralakatte.

The dependency of media houses on the government and corporate advertisements has further increased the proliferation of media with misinformation and fake news, he said.

Lamenting that the Internet is being misused to spread hatred, divide or even drive someone to commit suicide, Thakurta said the emergence of the Internet has acted as a double whammy for traditional media, especially after the 2008 global recession.

He said that since the identity on the Internet is anonymous, even otherwise polite-looking male or a female can turn vicious online abusers when their identity is concealed.

“At least 30 innocent people are lynched by mobs because of false information or fake news spread about their religion, caste or dietary preferences or personal choices orientation,” he said.

While concluding that the print media has not entirely evaporated from India and China, unlike their Western counterparts, he added that people are spending more time on Internet. However, the people have to get back to their reading habits, in order to avoid being trapped being misinformed.

Department Head Raviraj Kini, Beacons faculty coordinators Wilma and Manya Venkatesh, Cultural Coordinator Rahul Jyoti and Student President Ritika were present on the occasion.