'Persistence holds the key to success'

'Persistence holds the key to success'

Former Union additional secretary C V Gopinath shares a word with BEO Shivakumar during the centenary celebration of Gadichowka Government School, Lakshmipuram, in Mysuru, on Saturday. SDMC president Seema, BRC K Nagesh, Corporator Soumya Umesh, are seen.

“Success and prosperity cannot be achieved overnight. One should keep trying and do one’s part of work with ethics and honesty, without giving up on the goals,” said former Union additional secretary C V Gopinath.

He was speaking during the centenary celebrations of Gadichowka Government School, Lakshmipuram, here, on Saturday. “By being persistent in what one does, he or she can achieve success in any field. Conscience should be the guiding light in moving on one’s chosen path. Everybody, sooner or later, will get their due. The values one possess reflects in his or her persona,” Gopinath said.

“Government school teachers are better qualified than private schools as they are recruited on the basis of a defined educational qualification and ranking. But, the teachers in government schools lack motivation due to a dearth of facilities like infrastructure and amenities, lack of clean and conducive environment, etc. Hence we shy away from sending our children to government schools. By maintaining cleanliness and discipline in schools, the right message can be sent. It will help develop a teach-and-learn friendly atmosphere,” he added.

Currently, he trains IAS aspirants on moral education topics in New Delhi.

Gadichowka Government School headmaster Ravikumar said, “The school was started in 1918, during the reign of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, when education was denied to the underprivileged classes of the society. Earlier, known as public schools, the government schools intended to give free education to all, cutting across caste, social and economical barriers. Due to the increase in the number of students, the school was divided into four divisions. In the later years, when four divisions were also over-crowded, the school had to be bifurcated. Thus from Lakshmipuram School, the Gadichowka School was established,” he said.

LKG English medium

“However, since the 1990s, enrolment in government schools started to drop. Now, the total strength of the school, up to the seventh standard, is 50. Reach Out India, an NGO, with the help of Lion’s Club, Innerwheel Club, etc, recently took up works for the development of the school. We are planning to add LKG in English medium from the next academic year,” said the headmaster.

Reach Out India, founded by Manasa Rao, works for children and women empowerment. The school was taken up under Project Rise. Along with regular classes, students are given special English classes. Besides, the goal to ensure quality education, the organisation has taken up the task to clean the surroundings, to paint the building and to provide drinking water and clean toilets on the premises.