Protest against fishing using lights

Protest against fishing using lights

Fishermen stage a protest against the use of lights while fishing in front of the Fisheries Department deputy director’s office at Bunder in Mangaluru.

The traditional fishermen staged a flash protest against the use of LED lights while fishing, near Fisheries Department Deputy Director’s office in Bunder, Mangaluru, on Saturday. 

Tipped on the information that purse seine boat fishermen will use LED lights while fishing in the deep sea. The traditional fishermen staged a protest. Despite the ban on using lights, the fishermen were violating the order, the protesters charged. 

A large number of trawl boat, gillnet boat and traditional boat fishermen suspended their fishing activities and gathered in front of the fisheries department office.

Trawl Boat Fishermen Association General Secretary Rajesh Puthran said activities harmful to the fish should not be carried out.

“There are 1,200 trawl boats and more than 1,000 traditional fishermen in Mangaluru. It is not right on the part of purse seine boats to fish using lights. The Centre had banned fishing using lights in 2017,” Puthran said. 

Fisheries Department Deputy Director Chikkaveera Nayak said, “The High Court in its order dated January 21, had issued permission for the use of lights for fishing after laying down a few conditions. The fisheries director is yet to issue a direction in this regard.”

He appealed to the purse seine boat fishermen not to use lights while fishing.