5000-year-old skeleton unearthed in Kutch

5000-year-old skeleton unearthed in Kutch

Following over two months of digging and excavation, archaeologists in the Kutch region of Gujarat appear to have hit a treasure trove: A massive burial site dating back to the Harappan civilisation, some 360 km from Dholavira in Kutch.

According to a report by the Times of India, the burial site is a mammoth 300 metres x 300 metres with more than 250 graves. Archaeologists found at least one complete human skeleton, which they estimate to be around 5,000 years old.

Suresh Bhandari, head of Department of Archaeology, Kutch University, said that the skeleton will be sent to Kerala University to determine various facts, including its age, gender and cause of death.

He also said that the team handling the site is attempting to ascertain the significance of the shape of the burial site as most of the ones found in Gujarat are circular or semi-circular, while this one is rectangular.

The team, comprising of the Kutch and Kerala Universities, found animal remains and artefacts like bangles, blades carved from rocks, pottery and grinding stones in the site.