10-year old NRI gets attention of Google and Microsoft

10-year old NRI gets attention of Google and Microsoft

Samaira Mehta (Image courtesy Instagram)

Indian kids in the United States often make the headlines for one achievement or the other. Indian-origin kids are often seen winning academic shows and competitions, be it the American version of the 'Spelling Bee' competition or international olympiads. Falling along the lines of such talented childen is Samaira Mehta. Samaira is CEO, founder and inventor of CoderBunnyz, a board game that teaches basic coding concepts to children as young as four. 

“CoderBunnyz will basically teach you all the concepts you ever need in computer programming,” Mehta told CNBC Make It. “There’s the very basic concepts like sequencing and conditionals to more advanced concepts like loops, functions, stack, queue, lists, parallelism, inheritance and many others.”

Samaira claims that she began her work on the board game when she was around six to seven years of age. Once she conceptualised the game, she got in touch with graphic designers and game manufactureres from China and New Zealand. 

The game has so far sold over 6,000 copies and has a revenue of about $ 200,000 since April, 2018. Since the invention of the first game, Samaira has gone on to invent another board game, CoderMindz, a coding-based artificial intelligence board game that teaches the basics of Artificial Intelligence using Java. 

The business has garnered attention from big companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Samaira also received a personal letter from former American first lady Michelle Obama praising her. 

“I would say I already have it now, because I am an entrepreneur,” she says. “But I want to expand on that and I want to become an entrepreneur that helps people and does good for the community.” Samaira told CNBC Make it.