The Lead: Shows that reflect the current times

DH Radio | The Lead: Shows that reflect the current times

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In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, we discuss shows that resemble the current times and talk about how cinema reflects society. Suggest your favourite shows to us @deccanherald on social media.

Ahmed Shariff: Someone has said that cinema reflects what the society goes through. Well, that may be true and here we are to investigate the same. Hi, I'm Ahmed Shariff and welcome to the Lead. I am joined by my colleagues Varsha Gowda and Akash Sriram. Hi, All. Welcome to DH Radio.

Varsha Gowda: Hello.

Akash Sriram: Hi.

Ahmed: It's great to have you here. What have you been watching Varsha?

Varsha: I have been on a horror kick recently. The most recent show that I have watched is the 'Haunting of the Hill House'. I watched '... Hill house' because I watched 'Bly Manor' and I fell in love with the storytelling and the plot. '...Hill house' seemed equally engaging as well. I have been watching these and 'Bulbul', as well. It's nice to see something new being done with horror. It's not entirely about jumpscares anymore, it's about exploring deeper layers of horror and fear, all these base emotions.

Ahmed: The time that we are living in that is the pandemic is no less than a horror too. It makes an apt representation on the screen...

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