Stories behind names of some Bengaluru localities

Stories behind names of some Bengaluru localities

(From left clockwise) Malleshwaram, Ulsoor, Yelahanka and Jayanagar

Bengaluru or Bangalore got its name from 'benda kaluru' or boiled beans. Similarly, the name of almost every locality in Bengaluru has a story behind it. 

Here are some of them:

Marathahalli: The area received its name from a fighter aircraft named 'Marut', which was designed and assembled at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited facility that's located close to this area. 'Halli' in Kannada means village.

Ulsoor: This area used to have a jackfruit orchard. Jackfruit is called 'halasu' in Kannada. 'Halasu-ooru' became Ulsoor.

Domlur: This area, which was dominated by people of Telugu origin, was notorious for its mosquito menace. Mosquitoes are called 'domalu' in Telugu. Hence, the place came to be known as Domlur.

Doddenekundi: Another Telugu-dominated area, it was originally called 'Dodda Nakka Vundi', which translates to 'there's a big jackal there'. Eventually, it became Doddanekundi. 

Nagarabhavi: The name 'Nagarabhavi' literally translates to 'well of snakes'. Before urbanisation, a large number of snakes were found in the area and that led to its name Nagarabhavi.

Jayanagar: The name Jayanagar translates to 'victory city'. It is said to symbolise the first name of one of the rulers of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore, Maharaja Jayachamaraja.

Yelahanka: The region was called 'Ilakipakka Naadu' during the rule of the Cholas. During the Hoysala reign, the city was known as 'Elavanka'.  It eventually evolved to Yelahanka.

Kodigehalli: Kodigehalli was a gift from King Veera Ballala to a resident of that area who gave him a meal. In Kannada, 'Kodige' translates to gift.

Madiwala: 'Madiwala' in Kannada means washerman. The locality was home to a community of washermen and washerwomen and the place was named for them. 

Malleshwaram: The locality derives its name from the famous Kaadu Malleshwara Temple. 

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