Today's Horoscope – June 6, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 06 June 2024, 01:35 IST
You'll find it easy to charm members of the opposite sex today. Today is not the day to corner people by giving them ultimatums. Checking into a relaxation resort could yield unexpected results! Your partner inspires you. Colour: Tan Number: 6
You are artistic and dreamy, but a more solid approach to work problems will be helpful. A relationship requires you to be more proactive - just being there isn't sufficient; you have to communicate too. Strive for a life-work balance. Colour: Orange Number: 2
An opportunity is just around the corner. A little romance is likely to develop. Your creative nature is calling, so start writing that story, article, or poem you have been meaning to for a long while. Cash flow is good. Colour: Peach Number: 3
A friend or loved one interferes unnecessarily with your affairs today. Your sensitive touch will take you through sticky patches at work. It’s time to break away from the tried and tested and try something new. Colour: Cream Number: 4
Not everyone is telling you the truth, so don’t be too trusting. Rely on your instincts and intuition to lead you. Now that the channels of communication have been opened, you can’t afford to clam up again. Colour: Copper Number: 7
Important faces are around today who can help you make the most of current situations. Make time to sort out the little problems which have been building up into such big ones. Colour: Plum Number: 5
Don’t be too dogmatic in your ideas. If you close your mind, you will inevitably shut out some people who could enrich your life in ways you don't yet understand. You need balance in your life. Colour: Opal Number: 6
You will have to do your best to keep a private life problem from spilling out into a public forum today. Avoid sharing your problems with anyone except people you are very close with. You’ll be speaking without thinking and could land yourself in trouble. Colour: Turquoise Number: 8
You are intelligent enough to know that all that glitters is not gold, but today it will be easier than ever to see the truth behind people's false fronts. Nothing is what it seems in love, so avoid making hasty decisions before you have seen all the facts. Colour: Magenta Number: 9
Confronting your emotions today changes everything. If there is something you are not supposed to be doing, then chances are you will be found doing it today. Try to stay focused on what you want to achieve as a final result. Colour: Aqua-Green Number: 1
You can excel where before you've failed if you display a little confidence. Wear red for power today. It may prove harder than you thought to get a certain person off your mind! Colour: Indigo Number: 7
You will have a great deal of insight when dealing with others. Social get-togethers will bring you in contact with intelligent new friends. Today is not the day to corner people by giving them ultimatums. Children's needs could be more costly than you anticipated. Colour: Yellow Number: 4
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