WhatsApp bug allows hackers wipe off group chat session

WhatsApp bug allows hackers wipe off group chat session

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion active users, making it the most used messenger in the world. With so much people using it for communication, the WhatsApp draws unwanted attention of hackers to prey on naive users.

Recently, WhatsApp faced lot of flak after reports surfaced that several government-run institution hired Israel-based company NSO Group to spy on select individuals particularly journalists and human rights activists on WhatsApp, using Pegasus tool.

In the latest development, Check Point Research team has uncovered another vulneribility in WhatsApp that allowed hackers to crash group chat session and wipe out entire conversation with just a malicious code-laced message.

"The bad actor would need to use WhatsApp Web and their web browser’s debugging tool to edit specific message parameters and send the edited text to the group. This edited message would cause a crash loop for group members, denying users access to all WhatsApp functions until they reinstall WhatsApp and delete the group with the malicious message," Check Point Research team said.

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The security experts informed the WhatsApp about the presence of the vulneribility in the messenger app and the latter has fixed the security loop hole in the latest software patch.

Here's how to upgrade to the latest WhatsApp update: 
Go to App Store/Play Store >> type WhatsApp Messenger >> Tap update

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