Jewel of Kudremukh

Jewel of Kudremukh

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Kudremukh National Park is a heaven for nature lovers. Travellers get to see nature in all her myriad hues as they cover the distance between Kalasa and Kudremukh.

The mesmerising scenic beauty is unmatchable. The National Forest is dotted with innumerable large and small waterfalls that add to the breathtaking view.

Located on the roadside, spraying refreshing water droplets on passerby, stands the Kadambi Waterfall. The rhythm of the falling water merges with the sound of rustling leaves, chirping birds and the occasional whistling of the winds, creating a natural orchestra.

Kadambi Waterfalls is located at an altitude of 1892 m from the sea level. This small waterfalls is in her natural best between October and May.

There is a board put up by the State Government prohibiting entry into the water. Scant respect for the law is rampant and the presence of plastic waste is a sign of human disregard for nature.

Very close to Kadamb i, is another obscure waterfall named Honnamma Falls.

Water gushes from the womb of the forest and is said to possess medicinal properties. Goddess Honnamma is consecrated in a small shrine here and is worshipped with great devotion.

This pristine body of water never fails to impresses travellers thronging the National Park.

Like jewels embellishing a bride in green, these waterfalls are ravishing and rejuvenating – a real treat to the body, mind and soul.