Dravid praises DH's local sports coverage

Dravid praises DH's local sports coverage

Rahul Dravid

Former India skipper and National Cricket Academy chief Rahul Dravid on Friday praised Deccan Herald’s coverage of local sports.

Part of a four-member panel at Deccan Herald’s webinar series DH Sparks, Dravid highlighted the importance of promoting grass root level sports.

“I know we are at a Deccan Herald platform but just a good shout out to the DH team in terms of the way they cover grass root sports. I don’t mean that because I am on their (DH) webinar. I think it’s really important not only for cricket but all sports. When you cover these small tournaments, inter-school, inter-college and junior tournaments in the newspapers, it goes a long way in popularising these sports.

“It encourages these young sports persons. And if we continue to do that, then we will be fine. It’s great to know that all the sports are growing. So if we can continue to get better facilities, better infrastructure, training, advertisement and coverage of grass root sports, that will help Indian sports in a long way,” Dravid said.