A day after Raichur scare, II PU maths exams go off smoothly

A day after Raichur scare, II PU maths exams go off smoothly

A day after Raichur scare, II PU maths exams go off smoothly

Students writing the II PU examinations on Tuesday were more concerned about the Mathematics paper than the news about a private college lecturer in Raichur circulating pictures of the Accountancy question paper on WhatsApp.

On Monday, lecturer Siddangouda had entered an examination centre unauthorisedly and clicked pictures of the question paper, triggering rumours about a leak. But authorities took swift action and the three suspects were arrested by evening.

Anitha M, a parent waiting with several others outside the Government Boys’ PU College, said: “We heard about the Accountancy paper but we were not worried.

Maths is a subject most students fear so we were more tensed about that.” Another parent, Manjunath, had read about the incident only in the morning newspaper. “We did not switch on the TV last night. If we did, and my daughter had seen it, she would have been stressed,” he said.

Students had a mixed response about Maths exam. Most thought it was lengthy.
Navyashree, a student of MLA PU College, was not satisfied with the paper. “It was not difficult but it was not easy either. The three-mark questions were lengthy and I needed up to two pages to complete them.” Nayana too was disappointed. “I used a question bank and practised all questions which my teacher said may appear. But questions I expected were not there.” There were no out-of syllabus questions, however.

Others like Maneesh Kumar who were expecting a tough paper, were happy. “There were no indirect questions. There was sufficient time,” he said.

Preetha, a PCME student of Sri Chaitanya PU College, said, “I was not concerned because the incident happened with the Accountancy paper. I am in the Science stream.”

Taking precautions to prevent unauthorised people from entering the premises, authorities kept the main gate of the Government Boys’ PU College locked throughout the exam and students were not allowed to leave till the final bell. An invigilator said, “As per the instructions, we left our phones in the staff room.”

Seven students were debarred, five in Chitradurga and two in Kalaburagi. In Raichur, the three arrested in connection with the incident were produced before the magistrate and were remanded in judicial custody. Chetan Kumar Singh, SP, said it was too early to comment on the investigation.

1 student at this PU exam centre
A lone girl student wrote the II PU mathematics exam at the government PU college here on Tuesday, reports DHNS from Rampur in Bagalkot. Sridevi Mugalolli was the only student, a repeater, who wrote the paper. The college earlier had the science stream. But over time, the science stream was discontinued for want of students. A number of personnel were on duty at the centre. They included one invigilator, six personnel in the sitting squad, a chief superintendent of the exam centre, a joint superintendent and office superintendent. One answer paper superintendent and four members in the special vigilance squ-ad, besides two policemen were also among those deployed at the exam centre.