Coal storage fast dwindling at RTPS

Coal storage fast dwindling at RTPS

The coal storage at the Raichur Thermal Power station, here, is dwindling fast owing various reasons.

Currently, the RTPS has a storage of 30,000 MT of coal. The RTPS on an average receives 8 rail rakes (one rail rake has 59 wagons) per day from Singareni, Mahanadi and Western coal field companies. On an average, the power station should receive 100 rakes of coal per month.

However, the officials at the RTPS said currently very few rakes (40) are being received by the power station.

“Following the poor storage, the coal supplied from the mines is directly dumped into the bunk supplying coal to the station rather than in the warehouse,” said RTPS in-charge Executive Director C B Yallatti.

He said there was a shortage of empty rail rakes in Southern and Western railways.Talks have been held with railway officials concerned to provide the necessary rakes to the companies.

In Nagalapur mine company there is a shortage of workers involved in loading the coal, he added. Currently, 5 to 6 rakes of coal is being supplied to the power station but there isn’t enough  coal  for generation of power in all the eight units, he added.

As a result, power generation has been stopped in 210-MW capacity Unit 6 and it had been taken up for annual maintenance.

The Yeramaras Thermal Power station is being supplied only 10,000 MT of coal instead of one lakh MT.