Compassion only guiding light for pet caretakers here

Compassion only guiding light for pet caretakers here

Volunteers from Bengaluru, Mysuru and Kodaikkanal have come together to care for animals affected by floods in Madikeri, at Bylukuppe, Mysuru district. dh photo

Two weeks after their owners fled to relief camps fearing landslides, dogs have refused to stop guarding their masters’ homes, even the collapsed ones. NGOs and volunteers have come together to care for the stranded animals in Madikeri.

The initiative of Mysuru-based animal-rights activist Seemathini Channamalligarjuna along with two veterinarians Shantanu Kalambi and Suranjana Ganguly was quickly recognised by Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA).

“Jimmy, who is totally blind, was the first dog to be rescued from Madapura last week. His owner came to visit recently. But having lost his own house, he can’t take care of the pet,” Dr Suranjana told DH.

A warehouse in Gelugpa University near Bylukuppe has been turned into a shelter for pets which are being given royal treatment. Showing a three-month-old puppy, Suranjana said the canine had been suffering from traumatic emphysema, a condition in which air gets trapped around the chest that can lead to breathing problems.

Seemanthini said over the last two weeks they have got support from all over with Humane Society International, Kodaikanal SPCA, People For Animals. “As many as 45 dogs have been rescued and six of them have been allowed to go after ensuring that they are fit,” she said.

Kalambi said they had spent nearly Rs 3 lakh on dog food, medicines and anti-rabies vaccines and the amount had been reimbursed by CUPA.

Dogs are a common sight around abandoned and even collapsed houses, as they are not ready to let go of their place. “Some of them are not ready to move. So, we feed them on the spot. We have heard stories that many dogs are stuck in the interior villages and food is being sent for them through residents who are returning to their homes,” he said.

The injured dogs have been lifted from the spot and brought to the shelter. After the treatment, the team will administer medicines, including deworming tablets and seven-in-one vaccine.

The team has also rescued cattle stranded in villages. The animals are now placed at Bota Farm in Koppa. “We are getting volunteers every day who come here and care for the animals,” the guard at the farm said.

Social media posts on the relief work for animals have brought more than 50 people from Mysuru, Bengaluru and other places. Lakshmi Moola, Priya Sandeep and Vasanta Kavita were among the 20-odd members who spent their long weekend at the animal shelter. Software engineers, entrepreneurs and people from different walks of life have joined hands to take care of man’s best friend.

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