Congress to protest against govt over Covid-19 handling

Congress to protest against govt over Covid-19 handling

D K Shivakumar

The D K Shivakumar-led Congress will hold a statewide protest on June 29 against the way the BJP government has handled the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown and its aftereffects. 

“The lockdown was imposed to prepare for the pandemic. Did the government prepare? Then why is there a shortage of beds? Those (infected) people are living dead. In every way, the government is killing people,” Shivakumar said, targeting the BJP that is in power in the state and Centre. 

Addressing a news conference, Shivakumar also criticised the rates fixed by the government that citizens have to pay for Covid-19 treatment at private hospitals. “On one hand, the government helped spread the virus. On the other hand, you want the poor to pay so much for treatment,” he said. “The government should make Covid-19 treatment free. There is money with the government, let it pay.” 

Hitting out at the Modi government on the rise in fuel prices, Shivakumar called it “exploitation” and “cheating”. “They’re sucking the people’s blood,” he said. 

On Friday, the Congress is scheduled to hold an event to pay tributes to the Indian soldiers who laid down their life after a clash with the Chinese army at Galwan valley.