APMC officers pay surprise visit to Kolar

APMC officers pay surprise visit to Kolar

However during the inspection, the team could not spot any issuing of unauthorised receipts. But the team found rampant use of weighing scales instead of electronic weighing machines at the stalls in the APMC yard. Objecting to the large scale use of weighing scales, Eerapppa directed his officers to seize them. As many as 10 weighing scales were seized during the inspection.

Stall owners, who were taken by surprise when the team led by Eerappa paid a sudden visit to the APMC yard, could barely furnish valid reasons for not using electronic weighing machines.

While a few of the stall owners were found using weighing scales despite possessing electronic weighing machines, a few others who claimed to own electronic weighing machines failed to display them.

Moreover, as news about the surprise visit spread across the yard, stall owner s who earlier did not use electronic weighing machines displayed them at their shops to avoid the wrath of officers. Also, the officers did not heed to the influence extended by traders.

The surprise visit was in the wake of protest by Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha and leaders of Hasiru Sene over widespread issue of unauthorised receipts at the APMC yard.

However, the team could not initiate any action due to lack of written complaint.