Sowing complete in 50 per cent fields in Mysore district

Sowing complete in 50 per cent fields in Mysore district

H D Kote taluk tops in both sowing and rains received

Sowing complete in 50 per cent fields in Mysore district

Though rains are not on expected lines this year, sowing activities have been completed in 50 per cent of agricultural fields in the district.

Joint Director of Agriculture K R Krishnaiah has stated that it has been estimated to grow various crops in 4.20 lakh hectares during monsoon, and sowing activities has been completed in 2.08 lakh hectares. It includes 68 per cent (2.05 lakh hectares) of rain-fed fields and three per cent of irrigated lands (42,115 hectares).

Cotton tops the list at 50,474 hectares, cereals at 42,115 hectares, grains at 33,365 hectares, oil seeds at 7,928 hectares. Sowing activities have been completed on 73,311 hectares in tobacco growing areas and 394 hectares of sugarcane.

Taluks progress

Taluk wise, H D Kote leads the area of sowing activities completed at 51,158 hectares (against target of 69,100 hectares) accounting for 74 per cent, Hunsur- 53,206 (95,000) 38 per cent, K R Nagar- 15,795 hectares (57,700) 27 per cent, 12,253 (34,500) 36 per cent, Nanjangud- 38,951 (70,200) 55 per cent, Periyapatna- 33,592 (52,450) 64 per cent and T Narsipura- 3,798 (41,245) nine per cent.

Fertilisers distributed

To facilitate unhindered farming activities, the agriculture department has set a target to distribute 96,300 metric tonnes of fertilisers and has already received 47,802 metric tonnes. Accordingly, 22,949 metric tonnes of fertilisers have been distributed. Also, there is a target to distribute 30,421 quintals of seeds and 2,721 quintals have been received. A total of 1,820 quintals of seeds has been already distributed through Raitha Samparka Kendras. The available stock of seeds is recorded at 50,120 quintals, including that with government and private parties.


This (farming activities), despite the fall in annual rainfall prognosticated at 766.7 mm. According to the statistics available, the district has received 225.3 mm of rainfall from January to June 16 against the expected 250.6 mm in the period of six months.

However, it accounts for 90 per cent of the total expected rains. Barring H D Kote taluk, where even rains have crossed the expectations at 120 per cent, with 326.7 mm rainfall against the forecast at 271.5 mm, followed by Periyapatna- 227.7 mm (240.3 mm) 95 per cent, K R Nagar- 198.2 mm (237 mm) 84 per cent, Nanjangud- 192.9 mm (234.5 mm) 82 per cent, Hunsur- 201.6 mm (252.8 mm) 80 per cent, T Narsipur- 168.7 mm (246.1 mm) 69 per cent and Mysore- 151.8 mm (248.7 mm) 61 per cent.