Train knocks down bison in Londa forest

Train knocks down bison in Londa forest

A bison, which had strayed from forest, in search of food near a railway track was killed on the spot after being hit by a running train on the Londa-Castlerock-Goa route near Gavvegali village in Londa Forest Zone in Khanapur. The incident came to light on Monday.

The animal, in search of food was attracted by the litters and strayed from the forest near the railway track. The train knocked the animal and it was later pulled for some distance following the accident, according to forest officials.

On learning about the incident, the senior officials from the department, including Deputy Conservator of Forest M V Amarnath and Assistant Conservator of Forest C B Patil, visited the spot and inspected the spot.

Common occurrence

Wild animal deaths on railway tracks have been very common on the railway tracks passing through the forest areas in Khanapur that has proved as death trap for animals.

More then 15 bisons' killing, an elephant and few other animal deaths have been reported in the last three years, the forest officials said expressed disappointment over the failure of the Railway Department in taking measures, including speed control and restricting passengers from discarding litter during the travel particularly in forest areas.

The forest officials have registered a  case against the Railway Department.