Unending traffic woes in Chamarajanagar

Unending traffic woes in Chamarajanagar

Parking motorbikes erratically is a common sight — especially on Double Road. Even though traffic police have penalised motorists several times, the unhealthy trend continues unabated. Smooth flow of traffic is still a distant dream on this road.

Traffic police have banned parking on both sides of the road from Jaibhuvaneshwari Circle to Chamarajeshwara Swamy Temple, but have not provided any alternate parking zone.

Meanwhile, people park in narrow lanes, causing inconvenience to pedestrians. Another problem near Bhuvaneshwari Circle is that KSRTC and private buses stop here erratically. With a petrol bunk and traffic signal nearby, traffic woes increase as there is no place for other vehicles to move.

Avinash, a resident of the city, said glaring noise from motorbikes are a constant trouble to patients at the district hospital. He said the police should penalise them for such acts.

Of the 199 kilometre roads under the CMC, 12 km comes under the public works department (PWD). Potholes abound Double Road, but neither the CMC nor the PWD has come forward to take any measures.

Another resident Paramesh said action should be taken against heavy vehicles, which transport black granite and other materials. Also, CMC should come forward to repair the roads, he added.